About This Movement

In a world where millions of people live with chronic kidney disease, commonly known as CKD, rare kidney diseases have been given little attention and are often misunderstood.

Travere, NephCure and IgA Nephropathy Foundation aspire to change that by bringing rare kidney disease — or RKD — front and center, creating an awareness campaign fueled by letters written by people living with RKD.

The RKD Community

Created together with the rare kidney disease community through a nationwide listening tour, RKD & Me is a collaboration to raise awareness of RKD — bringing forward what the RKD community wants people to understand about what it’s like to live with a rare form of a widespread condition.

Many people living with RKD find it hard to talk to their loved ones, coworkers and friends about their diagnosis. But every person living with RKD has a unique story to share. No one living with RKD should feel misunderstood in their journey. Our hope is that as this movement grows, people living with RKD can impart the perspective of their own journey onto others, to lighten the burden of feeling isolated or alone.

How to Join the Movement

If you or someone you know is living with RKD, we invite you to write and submit a letter.

Read the powerful letters from people living with RKD or follow along on social media at #RKDandMe.

“However difficult these circumstances are, you must remain resilient. You must be smart. There are ways to find joy and live your best life.” – Courtney W.